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First let me say that I have a brand new post on a guide to invest in Singapore here
Hedge Fund Singapore, Hedge Funds in Singapore, Hedge Fund in Singapore

Here is a short collection of articles on the Hedge Fund Industry in Singapore, it is a bit old but a lot of info are still relevant. it comes from

I am always looking for more valuable online tools and resources to add to these geographical hedge fund guides. If you have a white paper or PowerPoint that I can include here please send me an email and I will post it to this hedge fund blog for everyone’s benefit.

  1. Singapore Hedge Funds related job site
  2. Business Week article detailing the suddenly growing Hedge Fund mania in Asia
  3. Another article about Singapore as the new home for hedge funds
  4. Singapore Hedge Fund Networking events
  5. Good historic overview of the emergence of hedge funds in Singapore
  6. Interesting article relating pollution in Hong Kong to the growth of hedge funds in Singapore
  7. Another hedge fund event in Singapore
  8. The Monetary Authority of Singapore’s annual survey of the Singapore asset management industry
  9. Japanese hedge funds relocate to Singapore
  10. Korean broker launches Singapore hedge fund
  11. “Singapore goes alternative” article
  12. Another article about the dramatic growth in Singapore’s hedge funds:
  13. Hedge Fund administrator boosts Singapore team to address growing demand for hedge fund service providers in Asia.
  14. An article about how a top hedge fund manager sets up a Singapore office
  15. “Asian hedge fund industry booms” – Singapore is one of the main hubs in Asia for hedge fund activity – here is an article on this topic
  16. An article on how Morgan Stanley opens up an office Singapore to service Asian based hedge fund clients
  17. Interesting article about Singapore’s mission to lure hedge funds:
  18. Article on “How the smallest country in Asia grew into a hedge fund giant”

Thanks Richard


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