Singapore Hedge Fund

Alternative asset management in Singapore

Event at Singapore Management University on the "Past, Present and Future of the Hedge Fund Industry" – 28/29 October

The annual two-day Hedge Fund Executive Education Programme, which will take place on the 28th and the 29th October 2009, is modeled after the Hedge Fund Training Programme at the London Business School. It will be open to players with interest in the Hedge Fund Industry such as investors, private bankers, finance practitioners, and professionals seeking a career in Hedge Funds. Seminars will be delivered by professors from the London Business School and SMU, and will focus on areas such as hedge fund risks, investment strategies, and performance. To aid learning, the course will feature real world case studies (LTCM, Amaranth, Harvard Endowment, etc), presentations by hedge fund managers, and discussions by professional hedge fund investors.

Selected Speakers

Bill Fung
Professor,London Business School

Melvyn Teo,
Associate Professor,Singapore Management University

Anurag Das¸
Founder and Managing Partner, Rain Tree Capital Management

Tan Chin Hwee
Partner, Apollo Fund Management

Singapore Management University

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