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Alternative investment management firm K-Atlas, based in Singapore, achieves spectacular returns in 2008

From JoonangDaily, news of a Singapore based joint venture between Korean and US investment  firms, that achieved very high growth in 2008.

Though many were toppled in the United States during the ongoing economic crisis, becoming an investment bank is still the holy grail for many financial institutions in Korea.

Korea Investment Holdings is one of those companies, and its management believes that despite uncertainty over the timing, the economy will get back to normal, and it will just be a matter of time before this dream becomes a reality.  And it may have a shot. Unlike other banking-focused financial groups in Korea, KIH is a holding company with emphasis on its brokerage and asset management businesses, key areas with high growth potential in investment banking.

In February 2008, Korea Investment Holdings and Atlas Capital Management established K-Atlas Advisors, a Singapore-based manager of alternative investment funds, and the launch of K-Atlas Fund, a Singapore-domiciled alternative investment fund targeting hedge fund and private equity investments.

K-Atlas posted more than 70-percent cumulative return rates for 2008, despite the global economic meltdown.


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